Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am NOT a Publicist

I am NOT a publicist.

There, I said it aloud (yes, I know I'm writing, but I actually did say it aloud).

Yes, I'm well aware of the name of my blog.  Yes, I'm aware that people know me as "the PR girl."  But I'm also well aware of how confining this label has become, from both a personal and professional perspective.

The definition of a "publicist?" One who publicizes.

The definition of "publicize?" Give publicity to; bring to public notice; advertise.

My work is so much bigger than that.  It's connecting, communicating, collaborating, educating, influencing, strategizing, advocating, branding, engaging, leveraging, building, teaching, sharing, evaluating, creating.

That's why you won't see the word "public relations" anywhere on the new web site I'm launching in a few weeks.  That's why I will no longer describe myself as a "public relations" professional.  And why the work I have been and will be taking on in the future will be bigger than simply "publicity." 

Who cares if someone "knows" about your product or service if they're not engaged?  If they're not ambassadors?  If you can't create and communicate and share in new platforms?  If you're not building something lasting of substance and value and community? 

Call me an educator, a communicator, a connector, a creator.  But please don't call me a publicist.


  1. It's frustrating that people equate PR with media relations. Maybe one blog post at a time, we can change the perception!

  2. Bird by Bird, I guess. And you're doing a great job helping to change people's perceptions.

  3. Congratulations on your continued evolution, Laura!

  4. Thanks, Carl. And thanks for reading!

  5. You're so correcct, the key is not to have people informed about your product, but to engage them and make them a fan. I am so excited for the changes you're making and all that '10 will bring you.

  6. This is a post that has hit home with me since I've been in graduate school. There's so much debate between WHAT public relations is and how it pertains to the field of communication.

    We all wear so many different hats for different situations - this is KEY when understanding what we do everyday.

    Thanks for your posts on the subject!


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