Monday, October 5, 2009

Growing Pains

I'm an accidental entrepreneur.  I never had intentions of building an empire--I really just wanted to make enough money to justify not needing a "real" job.

Fast forward two years, and well, here I am.  Working and networking non-stop, with a full roster of fabulous clients.  I feel incredibly blessed.  And slightly overwhelmed.

Enter the cash-strapped professional woman's solution to work overload--the intern. 

I've managed interns before.  I've managed staff before.  But it's an entirely different thing when your name and your brand are on the line.  I spent 45 minutes crafting the email with the first assignment for my intern--practically hypeventilating at giving up control.

And it wasn't so much about the intern or that particular assignment (which she completed flawlessly), but about all that that "needing help" implies.  That my business has grown large enough that I can't do it on my own.  Which means I may one day need a staff.  And have to manage that staff (gasp!).  And trade in the kitchen table for an actual desk (in an office?!?!) and ditch the pajamas for professional clothes (double gasp!).

I'm trying to take it day by day, but that "what ifs" are intriguing...


  1. Don't tell me you're going to start working 8-6 now... ;) I'm glad your having this good problem!


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