Monday, September 28, 2009

Full Disclosure

When I started blogging about two years ago, I chose a pseudonym--partly because it seemed literary and cool, partly to protect my privacy, but mostly because I was a tentative writer--scared to expose the real me to the big, bad virtual world.

So, no surprise that two years have passed, and two pseudonyms and three abandoned blogs later, I'm still using the same crutch.

I initially started this blog as a way to vent my frustrations about the crazed, unglamorous life of a publicist. I wanted a place to talk freely about my annoyances, grievances and failures--anonymously, of course, so as not to incriminate myself or my clients.

I initially shared my blog with a select few--an "easy" audience of very close family and friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and so I shared it with a few more people. And they shared it with others. And people kept saying "I thought your name was Laura. What's with this Carrie business?"

And then I realized it was yet another mask, an artificial layer to buffer me from potential criticism or commentary. Which is pretty much the opposite of what blogging--what writing, really--is all about.

As E.B. White wrote, "writing is both the mask and unveiling."

So I, Laura Scholz, am unveiling myself to you and committing myself fully to the words I'm putting out here in cyberland.

c'est moi


  1. Congrats on owning your name again! Tough process, I know :)

  2. It IS scary to reveal so much about oneself... thank you for doing it. It makes more of a difference than most people ever guess.

  3. Yay! I've used my name the entire time I've blogged. Yes, it can make you a target, but ultimately it's rewarding. Congrats!

  4. Lady, I figured you could understand my multiple personality disorder! ;)

  5. Congrats on opening up and exposing yourself to the world! It takes a lot of courage. :)


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