Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging: Inspiration or Perspiration?

And yet another week has passed without me posting a blog.  I have plenty of ideas.  I have dozens of abandoned drafts.  And yet, nothing--bribery, guilt, inspiration or sheer will--seems to propel me toward a finished post.

I tried writing for an hour a day.  That lasted about three days.  Then I compromised with half an hour a day, which lasted, well, less than the allotted half hour.  Too tired, too busy, too uninspired, too frazzled, too much "real" work for clients, too whatever--name your excuse, and I've used it.

My real problem--because let's face it, if I have time to stalk high school boyfriends on Facebook or tweet about cheese dip for an hour every day, I have time to blog--is inspiration.  Maybe it's my free spirited nature, maybe it's my own crazy brand of perfectionism, but I have to feel "inspired" to write.  I have to be "in the moment."  If I start a blog one day, it just doesn't "sing" to me two days later.  Which of course, leads to a string of unfinished drafts and even more pressure, frustration and self-doubt.

How do I break the cycle?  How do I write when I don't "feel" like?  Does writing ever become less of a chore?  Is it always a battle of spirit and will?

Help a girl out.


  1. Sometimes, I set the timer. 30 min... no getting up or clicking anything else. There's usually a great rough draft in there!

  2. Ugh! I'm going through this right now. I have to blog for my job, so getting back into blogging for myself is really hard (esp on top of working startup hours)...

    All from the confines of the mental playground/imaginative hodgepodge of a free spirit aka can't sit still aka can't get anything done.


    Feeling your pain


  3. Do just what you are doing right about what your feel, what you are doing, what you like. After all, it is a web journal of sorts right? We'll eat it right up!

  4. Stephen King - perhaps not the finest literary lion, but a darn successful master of the page turner - says you have to show up every day - same place and time - so the muse will know when and where to find you. If she has to go looking, she gets weary, puzzled, and perhaps a tad pissed.

    Alas, for an entrepreneur, being in the same place at the same time each day is a Everest-like challenge sometimes. Especially when you give that discipline over to other routines (running, family time, etc).

    I know my blog isn't the marketing tool yours is, but I'm equally random. Inspiration means finding something WORTHY of writing about, not just something that intrigues you. Pop culture fanatic I am, I could easily go on about Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, etc, but it's sorta like throwing baseballs against the Great Wall of China - easy target, and eventually, you're gonna realize your effort isn't really affecting anyone but yourself.

    'tis a conundrum.

  5. I'm pretty sure that anyone with a blog (and a business) can say "Been there, NOT done that!" I'm with you, one day you have a brilliant idea (but no time to write it) and then you have time and you're just not into the idea. Sending some inspiration vibes over to you ~~~~~~~

  6. I had to pay attention to what days, and what time of day I'm most inspired. Once I figured that out, I tried not to schedule other things during that time or have distractions around so I can actually focus on the blog! It's easier said than done tho... but worth the effort! ;)

  7. Laura -

    It sound like while being hard on yourself, you have made what used to be enjoyable to you translate into work. Begin thinking about when you started this blog, and why. How you were inspired to write, you wrote and when you weren't you did not. It is OK. It was not a job then, but instead a passion. Don't make this a job. You don't have to blog. You don't. Blog when it makes sense. Your blog is indicative of life, and life takes breaks when needed. This is just another chapter that you will colorfully explain when your are ready.

    Instead of beating yourself up, which has proven counterproductive, stop thinking about this, and realize it is as a journey into learning more about yourself, and what may be off balance in your life causing for your lack of inspiration.

    Best of luck


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