Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help is On the Way

Back in the days before I started my own public relations firm, I was a regular at shoe departments and specialty stores across the city. While my coveted Louboutins have always been a bit of out my price range, with patience and a bit of persuasion, I could usually score some sweet Kate Spades, Stuart Weitzmans and the like at bargain basement prices.

Given that the last pair of shoes I purchased was for running rather than the red carpet, it was no surprise that when I walked through Neiman's last week (on my way to purchase a wedding gift at a nearby store), the shoes were gone! The glorious shoe department had been replaced with women's daily wear! Equally as tempting, but disconcerting nonetheless.

So, for those of you who think we publicists lead a glamourous life, be forewarned. We may look fabulous, but the truth is, we're probably just rocking Target sunglasses and Banana Republic trouser pants circa 2002. As a group, we're young and broke--more shabby chic than Sex in the City--and entirely too busy promoting our fabulous roster of clients and investing in uber-sexy business expenses like web designers and accountants to have the time or energy to do our fabulousness justice.

But thanks to Neiman's, there's hope for me and other enterprising women! The store is offering a $5,000 Manolo Blahnik shopping spree! You'll get free shipping on your next order just for entering, so join me in making this next step toward reclaiming your inner Carrie.

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  1. Ahhh owning the title of CEO is one thing but WEARING it well is another. I owe all my glamor (uh-hem) to Marshall's and TJ Maxx!
    Love this blog!!


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