Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Woman's Daily Wear

One of the best things about being self-employed is working at home in your pajamas. And one of the worst things about being self-employed is working at home in your pajamas. As in, there's rarely an occasion or monetary justification to ditch the lounge wear. I may have a Glamour editor on the line, but buyer beware--that sophisticated, confident woman on the other end of the Crackberry is still unshowered (even though it's well past 5pm on the East Coast) and most likely decked out in this ensemble (thanks, Target):

At least my loungewear matches my smart phone.

Needless to say, my wardrobe has suffered since I left the 9 to 5 world. And when I've been emerging from my lair, it's been in the tried and true dark demin paired with flirty shirt and/or safe but boring cardigan or blazer and sensible ballet flats. What would my agency colleagues think of me now?

Tonight, I decided to mix it up. Last week, I chopped off several inches of hair, and the shorter, sassier do' made me realize I also needed a fresh approach to my wardrobe. So, I ditched the dull demin and headed to my networking meeting in this ensemble:

I added these sexy platform heels, and these amazing earrings (locally designed--support your fellow entrepreneurs, ladies!), and suddenly, I felt human again. Sexy. Competent. Dare I say it--a successful publicist?

So, while there's something to be said for sitting at home in yoga pants with dirty, frizzy hair and clients being none the wiser, every now and again, you have to take control of your own image and prove you still have what it takes to turn heads.


  1. Love it. And can totally relate.

  2. Uh-oh. So, if I work for an agency, I'm supposed to be a fashionista? I think I missed the memo. I've been rolling in with jeans, tshirt and flipflops. Maybe we need to go shopping soon.

    - Sarah

  3. Pajamas are so two-months-ago. It's spring, darling. The home office attire du season is cargo shorts and sleeveless t's... with an immaculate mani-pedi, of course. I must admit, however, that with your new 'do, YOU can wear ANYthing and look chic!

  4. You looked great in that dress (and I noticed the shoes too! Sassy gold ones I was coveting!) Let's get dressed up and meet at a swank hotel for tea, coffee, or a drink. Kathianne


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