Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miss Match

As we all know, I've been trying a bit harder this week to project an image of confidence and success. My husband travels a lot for work, and usually, his flights get in so late that he takes a taxi back to our place, where he's greeted by his oh-so-sexy wife in the aforementioned loungewear and uber-frizzy hair. Last night, his flight got in around 8 p.m., so I decided that I would meet him at the airport.

I took a shower, fixed my hair, put on makeup (makeup is minimal these days, as I'm running out of my coveted Laura Mercier secret camouflage, and a trip to Saks is just too tempting) and the fab dress from Wednesday (I'm on a budget, people--you'll see A LOT of that dress in the coming weeks!). I never put on my shoes until I arrive at my destination, so I just grabbed my shoes, put on my flops and drove to the airport.

After dealing with the nightmare that is airport traffic on a holiday weekend, I parked the car and put my shoes on in the dark. I started walking toward the terminal and realized that my balance was a bit off. Funny, because as klutzy as I am, I'm generally quite poised in three inch heels.

And then I looked down. In my haste, I had grabbed two DIFFERENT pairs of gold heels. One platform and three inch, and one stiletto and four inch, which made for quite the classy ensemble.

It was too late to go back to my car, so I teetered on confidently in my mismatched heels and waited for my husband to arrive. Passerbys probably thought I was a bit unhinged, as I just kept looking at my feet and laughing hysterically. Out loud. Profusely.

He was so weary he didn't notice at first, but we had a good laugh and joked that I was starting a new trend. Can't decide which pair of shoes goes best with your outfit? Just wear one of each!

Of course, I wasn't quite confident enough to pull that off at dinner, so I just put on my bright pink flip flops and, in the wise words of style guru Tim Gunn, made it work.


  1. What a cute blog you have! It's adorable.
    I came across it on my website traffic report,when I saw you linked to my blog, The Recessionista. Thanks for linking to my blog!

    I have also done the mismatched shoe thing before. I picked up 1 black shoe & 1 navy blue shoe from the closet in the am in the dark. I had to walk around wearing them all day! :)

  2. You are hysterical! I love this story...possibly because it's exactly the sort of thing I would do.

  3. Too funny! Sometimes you just gotta work what you've got.


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