Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Eats

When you're self-employed-especially if you're in the business of shamelessly promoting yourself and others--pretty much every social outing can feel like a business function--some more fun than others.

Fun: expensing Cinco de Mayo margaritas.

Not-so-fun: stuffy cocktail parties and anything that happens before noon.

Tonight's outing fell into the "fun" category. Ever since I heard about rougeApron, an independent underground supper club, I've wanted to attend an event. I'm a notoriously picky eater, but my wonderful husband--a passionate advocate for local food--has convinced me to step out of my comfort zone and discover the wonders of grass-fed beef, vegetables fresh from the ground (dirt and all) and berries plucked in their prime.

Given my career and the ease with which I make new friends, you'd never guess that new people and new situations are always a bit stressful for me. Add in some unknown food, and well, I'm lucky I didn't have to pop a few Xanax before heading out to our secret location, which shockingly, did not involve a suspect alley door or secret password.

What it did involve was a beet pasta salad (yes, Mom, I ate something with beets!), the world's most fabulous cupcakes and conversation with some really interesting people, including two runners (hey Kathy and Travis!) and Jen and Ryan, who host another underground supper club, Prelude to the Staple House. Not surprising, as Lady Rogue herself has some really creative, engaging people in her network. It just goes to show that when good food, good causes and good people are involved, you'll always be among kindred spirits.


  1. This sounds so fun! Can you still go if you are vegetarian?

  2. Yes, definitely! They have options for vegetarians and vegans!

  3. I swear you are my virtual little sister/daughter. I'm anxious in new situations with new people, too. AND am a scaredy cat about new food. But beets - real, fresh beets, NOT canned - are good! I'd love to take my pals to Rogue Apron supper party.


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