Monday, June 29, 2009

You Can Take the Publicist on Vacation, But You Can't Take the Publicist Out of the Girl

So, I've been attempting to take a bit of a vacation this week. So far, it's not going well. And hey, as long as people are willing to pay me, I'll happily keep on working--just don't be surprised if you catch me by the pool with a fruity drink in hand! ;)

One thing I have been able to do this week is watch some of my favorite sporting events. I'm a huge track geek (seriously--I haven't been star struck by the likes of B.B. King and Norah Jones, but I don't know if I could string together a coherent sentence if I met Kara Goucher!), so I was thrilled that the 2009 U.S. Track & Field Championships were on television yesterday. The running was super impressive (how is it humanly possible to run 100 meters in less than ten seconds?), but the interviews were even more so. I don't know if the USATF has hired an image consultant or media coach or what, but every interview I saw was superb. The athletes stuck diligently to their talking points, smiled openly and were humble and even downright charming. A complete 180 from the 2008 Olympics, when many of these same interviewees mumbled, eye-rolled and hissy fitted their way through the games.

So today, I tuned in to Wimbledon, hoping the interviews would live up to the poise and ease of Roger Federer following his French Open win and the graciousness (and wit) of his opponent, Robin Soderling. Not so much.

I know he was exhausted from a grueling five setter, but Andy Murray, did you really have to chew gum on camera? And what's with the mumbling, sullenness and general avoidance of the camera (hint: it's that big metallic thing with the blinking light pointed straight at your face)?

These days, success in any industry requires some media savvy. Murray, spit out the gum and give me a ring--I'd gladly trade media tips for courtside seats at Wimbledon--and don't forget the fruity drinks! ;)

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  1. I'm a huge track fan too! I was a high jumper and sprinter in college. Maybe there will be a meet in ATL we can attend.


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