Monday, July 6, 2009


As I ironed some of my husband's shirts tonight, I could not help but be grateful for the modern era. While I may be able to rock a full skirt and an apron, I'm completely lacking in domestic skills. I can't sew on a button, I kill all living green things, I can't properly pare an apple or chop an onion, I'm morally opposed to making beds, vacuuming makes me sneeze and my culinary specialty is spaghetti. I think the only reason I do laundry is because it results in clean clothes! And I like entertaining because it involves two of my favorite pastimes, talking and drinking wine.

And so, I raise a glass to our feminist foremothers, who paved the way for me to work at home, clutter, dust and all!


  1. Too funny! I can't iron either, but I can teach you how to sew on a button!

  2. hehe, yeah I'm rubbish at ironing too - I definately need some lessons in cooking as I am stuck to the same old meals over and over. I'm sure my husband is fed up by now of eating the same meals!

  3. Get your glass of wine - and check out my blog! I gave you something. :-)

  4. Let's toast for our our feminist foremothers!!




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