Friday, July 17, 2009

Time’s a Wastin’

Remember when you were little and went to the doctor, and after all the screaming and wiggling and needles you got a lollipop? And somehow that made it all better?

Well, after spending most of the week stuck in doctors' offices where appointment times are as arbitrary as Comcast's installation windows and the only reading material is People magazine pre Jon & Kate split, I want my lollipop, dammit. Free wi-fi, a cosmo, the most recent issue of US Weekly--something to pass the time other than staring at Facebook on my CrackBerry and praying one of my 800+ friends has posted an interesting status update.

Or maybe I'll bring a Tootsie Pop, and count the number of licks it takes to get to the center--I guarantee I'll find out before I see the inside of an exam room.


  1. Another great post. Love it. love it! Way to go my friend.

  2. I fell behind - so I clicked on your cute little "You might also like" thumbnails - which I'm now envious of because I don't know how to do that...and now we're talking about me and my ineptness so I'll I got caught up on your dr. visits and I just have to say I SOOOOO understand the fear of needles. So So So empathize! And all I can say a brownie girlfriend - skip the lollipop! :)


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