Wednesday, December 2, 2009


January used to be the dedicated month for resolutions.  But it seems now that December is en vogue.  I've read quite a few blogs this week encouraging people to use the holiday season for self-reflection, planning and strategizing.

Maybe it's because my birthday falls at the beginning of December (I'm currently celebrating nearly 24 hours of being 34!), but this is also a natural time of year for me to ruminate and dream.

Note my use of the word "dream."  Substitute "vision," if you must.

Because I'm not a fan of resolutions.  Big lofty plans just seem destined to fail.  Maybe it's the free spirit in me, but I don't like to put boxes or limits or black ink on dreams.  Conceive them, believe in them and nourish them, but don't get bogged down by lists and tasks and metrics.

Dream big and dream often.


  1. I'm with you. I actually start anticipating the end of the year around October though (it's kinda like a half-empty bottle of shampoo for me - i gotta use it up and start a new bottle). Anyway, I'm just doing the planning and plotting now so that come 1/1, I can just "be."

    Happy Birhtday and Happy Dreaming!!

  2. Well written. Simple & true. Happy, happy birthday, Ms. Laura!!

  3. Words to live by: dream big and dream often.


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