Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today was a quintessential weary publicist day.  I woke up slightly hungover from family visits, marathon training, birthday celebrating, good food and yes, perhaps too much tequila.  It was once again monsooning in Atlanta (seriously--when did this city turn into Seattle?), running on maaaaybe four hours of sleep and nursing some pretty nasty hives.  All I really wanted to do was go put on my flannel pajamas, curl up under the warm blanket and make it all go away.

But I fought the urge.  I promised myself I could take a nap once I finished up a 3pm call with a potential new client.

And then amazing things started happening.  Seredindipidous things.  The details of which aren't important.

The important thing is that I got out of bed.  I tried.  I strove.  I persevered.  

And the universe listened.


  1. Haha... Seattle (my hometown) has been getting unusually nice weather. There's been a mistake somewhere. ;-)

    Glad that making one right move caused such a positive day to unfold for you!

  2. I need to be inspired every day. Today your blog post did just that. thank you!

  3. Laura, nice post. You may be interested in a post I wrote a few weeks ago about luck (though serendipity is a better word). It referenced a study that showed that being optimistic and opportunitistic is the key determinant between being lucky and unlucky.

  4. Christina, the weather gods have some explaining to do!

    Naomi, thanks for your sweet comments.

    And Greg, I will definitely check out your blog.

    Appreciate the love!

  5. I've been super sleepy myself lately and have to push myself out of bed. Maybe it's all the rain. Come on sunshine!


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