Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Not Always About Being Liked

You Like me!  You Really Like Me!

I like people.  Well, most of them.  And I like being liked.  I was never the popular girl in school (except when people needed help studying for AP exams) and have always been quite shy, which I think has only fueled my desire to be well-liked.  To fit in.  To conform.

And even though I've been willing to step out every now and again and say or write things that may be unpopular, to live my own life and not one predetermined for me, I still haven't let go of one thing--being liked.

Being liked feels good.  It's validating.  It's comforting.  It's comfortable.

But life isn't always about comfortable. 

I try to be kind and compassionate and friendly.  But sometimes, people aren't going to like me.  Or what I say.  And it needs to be okay. 

Life isn't always about being liked.  It's about LIVING.


  1. I totally get this. It's about living, for sure.

  2. As soon as you stop worrying about being liked, you become a lot more likable...

  3. Love this. So true. My parallel is fear of being judged. It can paralyze you and make you want to hide. Thing is - you are still getting judged! Same lessons apply to freedom and life! Thank you.

  4. @Todd: So true--and if you're trying to make everyone like you, odds are that no one will!
    @Kristen: Thanks! I like YOU very much!
    @Katie: I think judgment and being liked are very closely connected. Thanks for reading!

  5. I struggled with this so much. Being kind is so important to me, but so is being strong and honest. It's such a hard balance!

  6. Yes! Don't worry about being liked, but know what you like, and know what you'd be willing to nurture, fight for, debate over or climb a mountain for! As for me, i like dangling prepositions. :) Great post!

  7. Great post, I totally agree :)

  8. I also was only liked by the popular kids when they wanted help studying for a test. #thatisall

  9. Laura, so true. Carrying it over to business.. not every campaign you develop, not every press release you draft, not everything you design will be liked. Some clients won't like it, or even hate it. And that's okay, you gotta get through that and get back to living (and working). FWIW.


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