Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Size Does Matter

I did something yesterday that I hadn't done since last spring.  I stepped on a scale.

For some people, this is a daily occurance.  In my case, it was an obssession.  So, I tossed the scale and just lived.  I let go of "rules."  I ate better; I trained harder.  And the result?

I gained ten pounds.  TEN pounds.

As I stood there bundled in my winter gear but feeling completely naked and exposed, I stared at the number.

Is this a mistake?  Even if I removed three layers and took off my shoes, that wouldn't account for ten pounds.

And then I turned around and looked in the mirror.  And I thought of all I have accomplished with those ten extra pounds.  Strong marathon training.  A 14 minute half marathon PR.  A three minute 5K PR and a 4th place finish in my division, just three weeks post-swine flu.  The energy to get through almost every day without a nap.  The ability to cope better with my depression.  An interest in quality food.

So what if my thighs and hips are a bit bigger and my old jeans are a little tight?  I feel amazing. My husband thinks I'm hot.  And best of all, I'm healthy.

And for the first time in my adult life, I didn't think "I need to lose ten pounds."  I thought "wow, think of all I could've accomplished with those ten pounds years ago."


  1. Wow. What a wonderful post. I am so proud of you!!! xoxo, Patti

  2. Very nice, Laura, I totally relate. I feel similarly when I look at my post-kids body, for the most part: wow, look at whom it allowed me to bring into the world :)

  3. This is such a joy to hear! Almost all of my nutrition clients are scale-obsessed. Women are driving themselves nuts because they are relying on a number to tell them they are beautiful, they are okay, they are enough. Well enough of that! Here's to you and your victory over the scale!

  4. Super post! Excellent "food for thought" :)

  5. Yay for intuitive and smart eating! We are all more than numbers! And we're all beautiful in our various shapes.

  6. I'm with you. Want to focus on the healthy stuff and not the nasty number! You've accomplished A LOT and have reason to be proud (plus you know how to properly do a sit up). :)

  7. Thinks?? Thinks? Oh, honey, I know you're hot. After all, I get to see you n....... ;)

  8. Great post and great way to think about it. I usually obsess over the number. LOL. Great job on your accomplishments!

  9. and doesn't any weight/extensive workout/training result in muscle mass expansion/gain which probably weighs a bit more than the fat you lost in the process. good stuff on the half marathon timings...


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